About Us

IACF is the first “Charitable-tech” or technology-based donor-advised fund that provides donors with the ability to digitally select individual and/or target groups of coordinated nonprofit organizations who are on the front lines of the humanitarian effort.

IACF offers a secure digital immutable record keeping technology private network that provides donors with the ability to track every dollar granted. As part of the immutable record keeping technology network, charities will in turn be able to best manage donation cash flow for capital spending efficiency. Charities that service the benevolent needs of distressed neighborhoods will be able to benefit from a targeted resource strategy that delivers coordinated aid to the community’s six major pillars of humanitarian support; healthcare, food, affordable housing, employment, small business opportunities and education.

Invest in America Charitable Fund (IACF) was born out of the belief that the current charitable giving model needed to be disrupted, as billions of charity donations are made annually and yet only a fraction of charitable needs are fulfilled, particularly among the disadvantaged. The vision for IACF is to provide a digitalized mechanism, to which a more impactful and direct investment to the actual need can be achieved. The Board of Directors and management team was purposefully assembled to provide the best domain knowledge for such a disruptive system.